Saturday, 15 September 2012

LPS First Car request!!!

Ghen-ghen!!! LPS on a fast track cabin(In jenifa voice) So we got our first request yesterday for 2010 X3 and I am sharing with you what we found. Click for more pictures. 
According to our partners, the car cost $33,000. Now I have not asked further questions about clearing though but will update once I get info. You know this time difference thing. Probably he is asleep but feel free to leave a comment regarding your queries such as mileage etc.


  1. Han-han Seyi this is not fair poo. Why go into cars? Hope you won't abandon our Primark shopping oh..*sad face*

    1. Fret not hun...First love hardly dies..Fashion shopping remains. Nothing is changed!

  2. Am happy for you Seyi dear, Shine on LPS.


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