Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Folake Kuye of Style Pantry rocks Leopard print.

To be honest Folake is a fashionista! I mean look at the way she paired a leopard print pencil skirt with a perfectly matched peplum blouse and made it look like a dress! Like she wrote on her blog, the outfit is a marriage made in heaven!!! I absolutely love her style. 

I have tried to fish out her outfit for you just in case you fancy her look but it looks like my combo is marriage made in Peckham!!! *Covers face* Anyway my complete outfit (see after the cut) is £50 which I know is nothing compared to what Folake is rocking. Blouse is £20 while skirt is £30. So tell me, which outfit do you prefer? *picks race*


  1. lol @ made in peckham..Nice try but going with Folly!!!

  2. In my eyes..Folake can never go wrong!she WEARS every piece of her dress,even the most simple one and make it look glam!
    And for a mother of 3,chaii,I'm totally 'jearous'!


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