Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Exclusive Photos:Notting Hill Carnival 2012

Yeah!!! Notting Hill Carnival 2012 rocked!!! It was my first so I was super excited. The crowd was so full of every and our music was the bomb!!! 

Kudos to all our musicians. The crowd was feeling the 'boyz yen' You need to see the way the Jamaicans and Whites were singing along. Amazing. I have over 600 pictures! Guess I was LPS official photographer. hehehe Click to see the Part 1 of the show!

 These babes were sure having fun.

The Jamo lady in specs rocked so hard to Widkid and the rest that they had to beg her to go to her stand. The woman refused oh! See more of her in the next 2 photos

 Rivers State well represented!!!

 The residents of Notting Hill chilling right in front of their houses watching one of the greatest carnival in the world. I can Imagine the prices of houses in these area if na only the carnival sef!

 See the whites digging D'banj's Oiliver Twist . They even sang the Labata lyrics along!!!

 Can you guess what song they were dancing to? 
 'Chop your money'

More to come . Having issues with uploading pictures from my new system.:-)

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