Thursday, 19 July 2012

Zara Store Visit

After the Zara new collection post yesterday (If you missed it Read Here) I received an email today from one of LPS readers asking if I have seen the Zara new collections physically in store because she is really interested in getting some of the items. I then decided to quickly dashed to West-end and see for myself. Was I disappointed? NO in capital.

Most of the items are out in stores and I am more than impressed especially with the Hot Red Blazer and the Peplum family. The studded flat shoes is so on point Fabulous is an understatement. 

I tried my best to take pictures but trust the guards on duty. Not Nice is their middle name. I managed to snap 1 though which is what is uploaded on this post. The lacey peplum on the mannequin is a must have

So to my dear LPS reader, you are good to go.

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