Friday, 20 July 2012

LPS 2nd Creation :Wedding Reception Inspiration.

So this creation thing is my new hobby and am so loving it. But seriously peeps what do you think of this outfit? Please share your thoughts. There is love in sharing you know hehehe All items available in stores.


  1. U are really good @ this!thumbs up.just saved this for a wedding in August.
    PS: must every shoe displayed by bloggers &fashionista's have red soles nowadays?*yawn*yawn* we are becoming boring with this addiction to CL,it like pre 2011/2012 nobody wore shoes!over commercialization of everything makes it cheap eventually.
    Can LPS set herself apart?thanks

    1. Noted boss :) but surprise suprise! these are no CL hun..Thanks for your daily comments dear and I am super excited you saved this outfit for August. Please send us a pic when you rock it.



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