Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Photo of the Day: Tiwa Savage & King Sunny Ade

This was Tiwa & KSA after her performance at the Theater Royal Straford East last night. Heard she shut the place down. This pic looks more like a father,daughter pose and I am feeling Tiwa's earring. KSA is still hawt though.


  1. Bad make up day for Tiwa?her age really tells here.I have definitely seen better of her.

    1. Hey Abena,accept my condolence on Mr President. xxx

  2. @Abena Did you read at all? LPS says after her performance. The makeup is still showing sef so no bad make up day at all.

  3. Yess oo we are mourning,very nice man.U can send ur condolence properly by dashing me that red dress u put 2gether for a wedding.hehehe,that wld sure make a girl happy.
    @Anon 5:28: and ur point being?yes I did read &i still say just right after performance is no excuse for the running make up.u forget say she bi star?so must be on point all the time?all she had to do was dab her face.I have oily face so I'm very conscious of how my make up looks after some hours so I beg don't cramp my comment.still inexcusable.


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