Wednesday, 4 July 2012

LPS Giveaway

Hello Everyone,

Got some great news for you.

So to celebrate my new Facebook page and most importantly, to thank you to 5 lucky people that takes time out of their busy schedule to visit my blog, I'm giving away 5 limited edition of Topshop Cross body bags Priced @ £25 each *l can see some happy faces* hehehe

Although it's a ladies bag, male visitors can still participate to win for their sisters, girlfriends or even their wives.

So here is the deal...Just follow these simple 5 steps

  • Like our page on facebook Here
  • Follow LPS on Twitter Here
  • Get 50 People to like our facebook page
  • Send the names of your Face book referrals to
  • For those that are not on facebook, Join the site and get 20 people to follow LPS blog in order for you to participate
  • And finally,leave a comment in the comment box below with your name
And that's it guys!!! That easy right? :-) I'm sure you can do more than that.

Kindly note that you can either choose the facebook option or the blog option. Which ever is convenient for you is fine by me.

The first 5 people to complete the steps gets the prize.

Please feel free to contact me if you are not clear on anything.

Closing date is 31/07/2012 by 2359hrs

Best of luck guys!



  1. Yaaay, excited. Straight to work. Name's- Dragg'sBaby.

  2. Na wa for you.50 people ke? Haba! Even #500 Harrods voucher on their fb page doesn't have such steep rules. SMH!!

    1. Dear Anonymous 14.20. I did it and I'm a proud owner of a cute bag. is not a do or die affair so please give it a rest. LPS is not Harrods so no need to compare her with H. How many vouchers have you won from your not so steep rules HARRODS

  3. Ok seriously? you announce your winner on Saturday, 28 July 2012 forgetting you commented on your own blog under the guise of anonymous on July 20th that you won? O ma ga oh #in Tiwa Savage's voice.

    1. Hello dear. Thank you for your time to send a comment. I really don't get your point about me commenting on my blog that I won..Just so you know, I have plans for 5 winners and only one has emerged. She submitted her name on the 9th of july @ 1053hrs. Kindly send your email so that i will forward that particular email sent on the 9th. At least you wont say 'I formed the email under the guise of the winner'. Please don't jump into conclusion quickly dear. Not healthy @ all

      Happy night rest and many thanks for passing by

    2. I'm sure you won't post this but it's your blog so you're free to make your own decisions. For fairplay you should and if you don't, again its your blog.

      Have a look at the sequence of events now.First off was 2nd anon stalking this post? A post that has been up here for 16 days with only 1 comment suddenly has 3 comments an hour after the 2nd commenter? Of course not forgetting that you had posted loads of more interesting posts afterwards so this was definitely no posts to stalk. (Emphasis on one post in 16 days) Secondly the comment was way too much on the defensive and that level of defense certainly came from you. Thirdly, if you can cook this up, how much more an email. Next time be smarter. I got your back I was only disappointed at your unstrategic come back


Many thanks for stopping by.

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