Monday, 30 July 2012

Buys for every budget

£170 Available in S/M/L
Hey guys! How was your day? So one of my lovely client gave me a piece of advice yesterday about my new in store blog posts which I have taken on board at least for this particular post. She suggested that I put up prices so that readers can know what they can afford straight away rather than pinging me for price details. To be honest she is right but yours truly is kind of lazy putting up prices on each item especially when they are a lot. But will do as often as I can. So here we go. Hope you guys will keep my credit card busy...More pics when you continue.

Price to be arranged (tba). Guess the maker is still working on the best selling price

£1250..Oh yes you read right & it's not typo!

£825...hey is Victoria Beckham!

























Hope it's pocket friendly? Thanks Alero for your contribution.



  1. Wow!adding the prices to it gives the collection a whole new perspective.All these I have been lusting after items,guess it wasn't beans @ all.
    Thanks to the person who gave that suggestion,a real eye opener!
    And eerrrhh u sure it wasn't a typo?the 1250quid price tag!!Lord Jesus!hehehe

  2. Luvly items, but that price tag of 1250 tho abi na diamond dey d body ni.Tnks ma'am for putin d prices nd Abena uwc#Alero

  3. Luvly items, but that price? I guess those ofr us will holla u soon

  4. i totally agree....better you put the price. In the spirit of "buys for every budget it would also be nice to see some items 30 quid and under

  5. Hi babes, can you also sort o put the designers name as well. It kind o helps with adding value aka know the clothes worh hetter


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