Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Best dressed goes to.......


  1. Am almost getting addicted to this your blog ooo #choii. Ms Clifford.

  2. Am gonna have to pick picture 1. I see myself rockin that and not Picture 2, tho they both look nice.

  3. Picture 2 does it for me.Soraya just always has a way of nailing it.i dont do flats,so that s where picture1 failed it for me. Picture 2 all da way baybay. *wink*

  4. Picking number 1 becos number 2 is too busy with her outfit.Me thinks the faux fur wasn't necessary,but for that she would have looked very Jackie O:elegant.
    Erh number 1 too looks a tad casual with the flats,I wld have paired it with platform shoe.
    In all both ladies rocked their individual looks...

  5. no 1 rocked it though the flats brought it down a bit, no 2 who is Soraya of Styleismything nailed it too, just that her attires are always especially with the furs..lol(i still love he though). so for, me they both rocked it!


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