Saturday, 3 March 2012

Baby Clothes Haul!

Hello guys, 

 How was your week? Trust it was great? OK today am going to do a baby haul! Yeahhhhh...

I got a job to shop for baby clothes for a cute little baby Josh and I was so excited because Josh was my first ever baby client and his lovely mum  who haappens to be my ex-colleague gave specific instruction that she wanted.......Primark! Yeah! We all love Primony ;-)

So I popped into the west end store and I was amazed at the kind of stuff they have. So I decided to haul the baby stuff I got. Hope you like! Primark has got some really good t shirts for just £1. Believe me I feel like giving birth today! Hehehe. Enjoy. Sizes are 9-12M

Polo £2

£3  each 100% cotton

Shoe £3 Pack of 6 socks £2.50

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The 2 dark pants were £5 reduced to £3. Fabric is fab!

These Ts are £1 and 100% cotton. Really cute and cheeky

The pant was £5 reduced to £3

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