Sunday, 26 February 2012

Something for the Guys!

Hello dearies,

I have decided to do a post for my male readers as I have been bias lately. I seriously do apologise. So we start off with LANDISUN 11C PAISLEY IVORY SILK SET:TIE+HANKY+CUFFLINKS. Was £68 Now £24.90 so you save £43.10 (63%) Also available in Orange. Perfect for the Groom and his men! For more information of how and where to buy, drop me an email or a comment. More men's stuffs coming soon. See pictures below.


  1. Dear Samson,

    Many thanks for your comment. For more enquiry on how to get 'these cute outfits' send us an email to

    thanks for stopping by:-)


Many thanks for stopping by.

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